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Antonio Nasca

My story begins in 2003 when, as a highly experienced pianist and composer, I decided to embark on a new adventure in the music industry. La Semicroma’s initial steps revolved around music publishing and production, but soon our areas of expertise are expanded to encompass live music events such as weddings, in addition to audio production, music marketing, and optical media communication.

The chosen name for the agency is derived from the designation of a short but crucial musical note, essential for composers and musicians to express everything they wish to communicate through music. Similarly, La Semicroma seamlessly integrates into the organization of your wedding, playing a role as an element capable of discreetly and harmoniously enhancing the most beautiful day of your life.

We believe that in every event, especially wedding celebrations, music should serve to complement the occasion without overwhelming it, and without any discord caused by unprofessional organizers or musicians.

La Semicroma carefully considers every aspect of the musical accompaniment, offering soon-to-be-weds the expertise of a music designer. After gathering the couple’s preferences, the music designer collaborates with the musicians and technical staff to ensure the best entertainment setup.

Exclusivity, elegance, and emotions are the three guiding principles in creating an event, as we understand that a wedding soundtrack should not compromise on these elements.

We take pride in the journey we’ve undertaken thus far, and we’re grateful for the satisfaction provided by the numerous couples we’ve accompanied on their special day.