A great story to tell

Our story begins in 2003, when Maestro Antonio Nasca, pianist and experienced composer, decides to undertake a new adventure in the recording industry. The first steps that La Semicroma makes includes labelling and publishing, but soon the fields of competence expand further and extend to live music events including weddings, in addition to audio productions, music marketing and video design.

The name chosen for the agency derives from the denomination of a short musical note, fundamental to enable composers and musicians to express in music everything they want to communicate. Similarly, La Semicroma becomes involved in the organisation and planning of your wedding, giving harmony to the most beautiful day of your life, with discretion and balance.

We believe that in every event and in wedding parties in particular, music has the role of completing the event itself, without being overpowering and above all, without any dissonance due to unprofessional organisers or musicians.

La Semicroma takes care of every single aspect of the wedding music, thanks to an expert music designer, who meets the future bride and groom, in order to understand their wishes and to make them come true after explaining to the musicians and staff all that is necessary to organise the entertainment at their best.

Exclusiveness, elegance and emotions are the three words that guide us in the carrying out and fulfilment of an event, because we know that a wedding worthy of a soundtrack can’t do without any of these elements.

We are so proud of the path taken so far, and besides the satisfaction of having accompanied many couples on their Big Day, we are also happy to have been hosted in the show LA SPOSA TV (broadcast on SKY channel 425) where we tell the story of La Semicroma, how it was created and developed as an event agency, where we provide information, advice on how to pay attention on every detail in planning a perfect and unforgettable event.

A journey together

Our story has also been enriched with a marriage: the one between La Semicroma and Jay Studio, two different realities that have decided to come together to continue on a journey together, whereby both have been able to bring different talents, complementing each other for professional skills and experience.

Choose the “musical journey”
that suits your needs


We accompany you in the choice you have made

The first step that we will make together for your perfect wedding is discussing the style of your ceremony and your tastes. Together with you, we will create the suitable program and the appropriate music that will satisfy your desires. In the following links, you can view some videos as examples of what we can do for you, but we are also ready to change any aspect to best suit your needs.


In order to understand the correct music to use for a religious location, we need to consider a few aspects. Analysing the architectural and acoustic aspect of the building, we will therefore be able to propose the solution that we consider best for that specific place.



It does not matter where you have decided to celebrate your wedding: we will find the best music solution, choosing with you the line-up of songs and arrangements of the tracks and how to implement everything together.



La Semicroma with great balance accompanies you during the reception, without overpowering the event itself, but by simply providing the musical accompaniment suitable for every moment.


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